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The team was created by fans of extreme sports like motocross and enduro. Its chairman is Nikolay Gochev - vice-champion ATV


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Crazy Fox Motors Team

In few years motor sport has become the one of the most famous and beloved sports in our country.And this is not accidental.Bulgaria is a country whit a traditions of a oragnizing and conducting compentitions in motocross.With over one hundred awards wining motoclub,Crazy Fox Motors has earned the top spot among the bulgarian clubs.

Crazy Fox Motors Team comes to light in 2008 year.It was created by fans of extreme sports,athlets in motocross and enduro.Clubs chairman is  Nikolai Gochev-vice champion ATV.

The Team
there are  already 28 athlets from different disciplines ang age groups,among Georgi Gochev-multiple national champion in supermoto and ATV.

The Club 
offers sport equipment-motorcycles,ATV for each of the contestants,camper whit mobile workshop ang garage.
In 2008 Varna opened the store Crazy Fox Motors.

Hypermarket for bikes
The club is a direct importer and load their goods directly from liaders in the field -The Netherlands,Germany,Austria and Italy.
In 2009 Crazy Fox Motors whit its main sponsor “Bulmineral” LTD began construction of Speedway “Dzhanavara”.The facility was designed by FreddyVerherstrae.His work is most of the motocross tracks of Europe and America,won awards for roate № 1 in the world.

The track  is located in Varna,region “Asparuhovo”,in the near “Djanavara”,5km from the city center.At present it is 910 meters long,built whit components suitable for supercros.The Club has a construction equipment and machinery of the track.

The school where under the clever guidance and coaches formar and current players and grow up future talants of motor sport.

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